Since 1991, Architectural Products Development, Inc. (APD) has built a reputation for trusted and varied job shop and metal fabrication capabilities. Located just outside of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, we specialize in precision services, including laser and plasma cutting, welding, and more.

The company began with a focus on the elevator industry. In the early 1980s, company founder Art Petrauskis worked as a sales manager for an elevator business. Its operations were built on the belief that there would never be renovations in the elevator industry. However, Art had been reading about renovations in old buildings, and he thought that philosophy was incorrect. Seeing an opening in the market, he put his theory to the test, leaving that company and starting his own business.

Through opportune networking, APD was able to land its first big job at Terminal Tower, a well-known skyscraper in downtown Cleveland. Our team worked on 30 elevators for that location, and today, we handle about 250 to 300 elevator cabs each year. Through developments in laser technology, we have branched out into a diverse range of industries, everything from manufacturing and general job shop services to restaurant equipment and sailboat components.

With over 30 years in the metal fabrication industry, our knowledgeable team can handle anything from one-off jobs and small runs to parts in the thousands, all at competitive prices. APD fabricates custom components based on your drawings or design files, and we create products that meet your specs with tight tolerances in the most cost-efficient way possible. We also have capabilities for Mil-Spec products, upon request.

Partner with the APD team to bring your product ideas to life.